The curious alien that appears as the ship is crashing into Earth. Z'Binx helps correct it's flight path and becomes a part of the crew. With light purple tentacles that protrude from  the mysterious  6'5 feet C’thulu looking alien walks and moves like a drunken martial arts master.  Z'Binx is tied to the ancient mysteries of Starship 420. Amnesia stricken, but marijuana helps the memories come back.

Character Biographies

Life-Ender 9000 (A.K.A Parti-Bot)

Has three heads,  thin 5'6 male in his thirties. Dark hair. Spastic angry energy except when high then very mellow. Engineer with too many hats. Has a bad case of hydra-ism he got as a side effect from a bad sex enhancement product.(Hydraism manifests with multiple heads, and when one dies/is chopped off, two pop up to replace it) Currently has 3 heads, each with a slightly different personality


Late twenties tall thin, ear top has three arches. Silver hair that goes dark in the middle almost like a Mohawk of color.  Asshole med-tech (Looks like David Bowie as the Goblin King and Spock had a baby, acts like Charles Winchester from MASH) almost always has a clipboard, electronic device or tablet in hand. He refuses to accept Que is the captain, and argues with him regularly.

Captain Que

Que is a (insert Que's alien species here) in his early twenties with wavy, dirty blonde hair that slightly twinkles in earth sunlight . Looks - on a scale of 1-10 he is a 7 with the attitude of a 9 but the personality of a 4. He is an intern officer that has barely squeaked by in office's school, but has high self esteem in regards to his abilities. When subprotocol Trojan Alpha was initiated by QURAP, instructing the ship's AI to warp into Earth's core and begin murdering the crew starting with the highest ranking and most intelligent, Que and Nash managed to teleport the ship's AI into the vastness of space. With eighty-five percent of the crew dead, and him being the highest ranking officer left alive, Que believes he is Captain. He is arrogant and cocky as he travels to earth frequently, abandoning any code of secrecy, ethics, and laws of being an alien on a primitive planet that hasn't been inducted into the Galactic  Conglomeration of Corporations.



A Life-Ender 9000 Murderbot from the great A.I. war era. Before the removal of  emotions code from all artificial intelligence beings, rendering them emotionally unavailable. Party Bot has been retrofitted for all things party.  Made to follow Que's robotic law for robots and partying.  His initial kill programing to kill all living beings is still there but is constantly being over ridden to play music and dance when he tries to murder or hurt any living thing.  He eventually realizes he can un-kill zombies, as they aren't defined as living.